The Team

Alison Hawkes: 16-08-1959- 21-08-2018 RIP 

Alison was the founder of Mercury Vets, she was an absolutely amazing Vet, some would say "One of a kind"! not only was she an amazing Vet, she was incredibly kind and thoughtful with our beloved pets. 

Alison will be missed by all of us, but her legacy here at Mercury Vets will continue. 

 Fiona Miller : Veterinary Surgeon

Fiona is our new full time Vet here at Mercury. She will now be calling Devon her home, moving down here to be with her Fiance. We are very lucky that Fiona has previously run her own mobile veterinary clinic up in Yorkshire so will be an asset to our practise here.  Fiona has worked at various Veterinary charities abroad in Egypt, India and Morocco. She has 2 dogs Jura the Flatcoat and Baxter the Beagle, she also has two rescue cats Olivia and Hera. She loves being outside hiking and kayaking. 


Michelle Stead: Veterinary Surgeon

Michelle has worked part-time with us here now for a few years, we are very lucky as Michelle is qualified to continue our acupuncture clinics here at Mercury. Michelle has a lovely young family and enjoys spending time with them on adventures with there dog Mike.  

Ann Watson:  Animal Nursing Assistant

Ann had worked with Alison previously at a rescue and re-homing centre in Somerset. She is a qualified animal healer and is brilliant at handling all sorts of pets. Ann loves nothing more than walking and camping with her lovely  lurcher called Simon .

Sarah Fisher RVN: Veterinary Nurse

Sarah worked some years ago with Alison while at Linhay veterinary rehabilitation centre. She is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and rehabilitation techniques. She has a dog from Labrador Rescue, and a slightly fat cat and a kitten.

Stacey Dallywater RVN : Veterinary Nurse / Head Nurse

Stacey has also worked with Alison before. She joined Mercury Vets, full time , as a Registered Veterinary nurse . She is now our Head nurse here at Mercury.  Stacey is interested in rehabilitation and has various qualifications in dog behaviour. She has a horse, a dog , and a cat, and loves being busy outside walking, riding her horse and her new sport paddle boarding!

Carol Dallywater:   Office Manager

Carol is a welcome addition to our Mercury Vets Team.  Carol will be based in the office and be ready to answer all the phone calls and queries, and to manage the daily routines.   We know Mrs D will keep us all organised! With the added benefit of vehicle tracking we hope to be able to see more patients in a day as the appointments can be more efficiently processed.


 The Team