We now have designated mobile x-ray unit.

We offer a mobile radiographic service as part of the BVA/KC canine health scheme. We x-ray your dog’s hips ,and elbows if required , and the digital radiographs are sent to the BVA for scoring by a team of independent orthopaedic specialists.

We use a fast-acting , safe and reversible sedation protocol rather than a general anaesthetic; so your dog is only away from you for 10-15 minutes. We have a vet and a radiographer with your dog in the unit at all times.

Hip and elbow radiographs are scored on faults – the lower the score the better the conformation. The BVA advise only to breed from dogs with a hip score below the breed average, and with a zero elbow score. More details can be found on the BVA / KC website https://www.bva.co.uk/Canine-Health-Schemes

If we can book a day at one premises with 6 or more dogs, we can offer discounted prices for BVA/KC x-rays:-

Normal prices   Hips £130    Hips and elbows   £150         both plus visit fee

Group prices     Hips £100     Hips and elbows  £130


We can also x-ray bitches in the last week of pregnancy to advise on the number of puppies to be expected.

Other radiographs in dogs and cats can be performed on an individual basis according to your pet’s needs. As part of our geriatric clinics we often advise radiography to establish the extent of arthritis in the body  as an aid to the best management regimes.